The Leadership for Blended Education program consist of two phases:

Phase 1: A 5-online week (synchronous and asynchronous).

  • The 5-week online course is delivered using both synchronous (Videoconferences: VC) and asynchronous (Forums) formats.
  • During this stage, participants explore, analyze, discuss and build the foundations for blended courses.
  • The topics will include the role and trends of blended models in higher education, blended education design and infrastructure, blended education delivery, best practices, and practice (hands-on).

Phase 2: A 4- day face to face period in Madrid and Segovia.

During this phase (F2F) participants will explore in more details the topics introduced during the online phase plus a new topic on mastering blended education technology. This phase will have a high content of practice in planning participants’ blended courses as well as experiencing blended teaching.

The program is based on six pillars

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Higher Education

Re-Inventing Higher Education

Best Practices
in Blended Education

Best Practices in Blended Education

Blended Education

Blended Education Design/Infrastructure

Education Delivery

Blended Education Delivery

Managing Blended
Education Technology

Managing Blended Education Technology

Hands on

Hands on
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